WW1 by Terling Schoo


The pupils of Terling School have written poems and essays to commemorate those who paid the ultimate price to defend us.

Please take some time to read and reflect.








100 Year Anniversary Project

Working with All Saintsí Parish Church

and the Terling & Fairstead Parish Council

2014 Memorial Book Project


Essays - Why did WW1 begin?  Click here

            Laurence Martin

Age 8

            Ella Hawthorn-Meares

Age 8

            Niamh Sime

Age 8

            Aston Cook

Age 9


WW1 Poems 1 - click here

            The Foe

Max Goodwin

            World War 1

Megan Lodge

            The Dead Army

Rosa Sargeant

            The Burning Battlefields

Francis Fearn

            Soldiers Dying

Mia Jade Randall

            Wailing Shadows


            World War 1 Poem

Amber Cook

            The Massacre of Red

Ella Calder

            Dooms day

Grace Butcher

            The Dark Soldier



WW1 Poems 2 - click here

            The Great War

Madeline Appleyard

            The deep dark trenches


            Dark Shadow

Rebecca Everett

            The Monstrous Battle

Jack Dawson

            Dark Mists

Kristyna Wood

            Will it be over soon?

Emily Roberts

            Death Flame


            The Death Trench

Elley Peters

            Hankering Wars

Dominic Hunt


WW1 Poems 3 - click here

            The Final Curtain

Hannah Marshall

            Roofless Battle

Grace Bodfield

            Dark Shadow

Suzannah Boswell







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