Recreation Ground







1. Change Unit

1.1 Charges for use:

1.1.1 - Rental of the change unit will be charged at £35 flat fee for matches. Payable to the Parish Council. For football teams using the pitch for a training
sessions the fee with be a fixed fee of £20. Hire of the change unit for children’s parties will also incur a fixed fee of £20.

1.1.2 - Charges for use to be reviewed by the Parish Council on or around 31 December 2015.

1.2 Booking:

1.2.1 - Use of the change unit is bookable via the Parish Council Clerk. The Parish Council Clerk will confirm booking and arrange access to the car park via
Lord Rayleigh’s Farms Limited (the landlord).

1.2.2 - A £50 booking deposit will be required.

1.3 Keys:

1.3.1 - Keys to the change unit to be held by Lord Rayleigh’s Farms Limited, the Parish Council Clerk and by the Parish Council Recreation Ground Sub Committee.

1.4 Signage:

1.4.1 - Drinking Water signs to be added where taps have been tested for suitability.

1.4.2 - Signs indicating that showers should be run prior to use to clear any water held in pipe work will be cited in each change room.

1.4.3 - All other relevant signage required for Health and Safety reasons to be responsibility of the Parish Council.

1.4.4 - A notice explaining the correct procedure for the use of the Village Defibrillator will be placed in each change room.

1.5 Health and Safety:

1.5.1 - Annual safety inspections will be conducted.

1.5.2 - Weekly safety check will take place as well as litter inspections.

1.5.3 - All accidents and incidents must be reported to the Parish Council without delay.

1.6 Cleaning:

1.6.1 - Responsibility for cleaning of the change unit after use rests with the users.

The Parish Council reserves the right to charge for cleaning where this is not to an acceptable standard.

2. General

2.1 Conditions of Use:

All visitors must comply with Parish Council “Conditions of Use” which will be placed on, and inside the change unit.

2.2 Anomalies:

Anomalies with the change unit or recreation ground must be reported to the Parish Council.

2.3 Pitch Maintenance:

The football pitch will be maintained by contractors appointed by the Parish Council.





Visitors are advised that the Recreation Ground is private land under the control of the Parish Council for Public use.

Use of the recreation ground is at the discretion of the Parish Council and Lord Rayleigh’s Farms Limited.


  1.  Dogs are not permitted to enter fenced area of play

  2. Parents / carers must ensure the appropriate supervision of children whilst at the Recreation Ground

  3. All litter should be removed from the recreation ground and changing room after use and taken home

  4. Users are expected to comply with all relevant byelaws and Parish Council notices

  5. Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated

  6. Users of the Recreation Ground are requested to show consideration to residents

  7. Visitors are respectfully requested not to restrict the width of the public highway in a way that interferes with the flow of traffic or block the gates on Fairstead Road which must be
    kept clear to allow access for farm machinery and emergency vehicles

  8. Terling & Fairstead Parish Council accepts no responsibility for vehicles left in the car park or valuables stored within them or the change unit.

  9. The change unit is available for public bookings and this can be arranged via the Parish Council Clerk on 01245 233213 or via email

  10. Responsibility for cleaning of the change unit after use rests with the users. The Parish Council reserves the right to charge for cleaning where this has not been done to an
    acceptable standard.

  11. No smoking is permitted inside the change facility

  12. Visitors to the recreation ground are reminded that they must have personal insurance relevant to the activities to be undertaken

28th April 2015