Questions to the Council


The following are the suggestions and questions placed in the box in the Post Office and the Parish Council's response.

April 2015
Suggestion: We are moving into the village soon and were very pleased to read on the website several months ago that the parish council was looking at bringing in superfast broadband. The parish council should be applauded for its efforts. We have been reading the minutes and note this has not been mentioned recently which surprises and disappoints us and we hope very much the council is not having second thoughts. We could not take part in the survey as we have not completed our house purchase.  Thank you.
Parish Councilís Comments:  To be provided following the next Parish Council Meeting.

January 2011
Suggestion: Now that the Parish Council has adopted all the phone kiosks would it be possible to save electricity turn the lights off and not have them on 24/7. 
Parish Councilís Comments: The Parish Council has  looked at various options, including disconnection of the electriticy supply, and the installtion of dusk to dawn sensors.  Having taken into account the cost of these options, and all comments received (some residents have expressed that they like the lights on at  night) the Parish Council decided to replace all the exisiting lights with low energy anti-vandal lights. 

December and January 2011
Suggestion: The Parish Council has received many notes in the suggestions box regarding the proposed plans for the pub.
Parish Councilís Comments
Thank you for all your comments, all of which were noted and discussed by the Councillors and which have formed the basis of the Parish Council's response to the developer. 

July 2010
Suggestion: I would like to see the Community Payback Scheme run by Braintree District Council being used in our Village, like others.  They can clear up churchyards, carry out litter picks and could paint parts of the Village Hall which looks like it needs a coat of paint.
Parish Councilís Comments:  The Community Payback Scheme has already successfully been used to clear the vegetation in the cemetery in Terling.  There are some restrictions which might prevent using the scheme for certain projects, but whenever possible it is hoped it could be used again.

SuggestionWhy is Andrew Meyer still a District Councilor? He does not live in the Village.  Itís a joke!  He does nothing for us.  Why are we paying his expenses?  For what?
Parish Councilís Comments:  District Councilors do not need to live in the village which they represent, but they do need to live within the District.  It is regrettable that Mr. Meyer does not attend our Parish Council Meetings.  He is always invited and receives the agenda and copies of our minutes.  He is an elected Councilor and the next elections are to be held in May 2011.  It is up to the electorate to decide whether or not to re-elect Mr Meyer.  We are extremely fortunate to have Mrs Margaret Galione as a District Councilor.  Mrs Galione works tirelessly on our behalf.  With regards to Mr Meyerís expenses we asked our Clerk to contact Braintree District Council to ascertain whether these are available for scrutiny.
Members expenses and allowances can be found on Braintree District Councilís website   See under Agenda item number 8.

August 2010
Suggestion: Could SkyPe be made available on the Internet Cafe PC?
Parish Council's Comment:  Yes.  We will install the software and provide a headset in September

September 2010
Suggestion:  Could a printer and photocopier be made available in the Post Office?
Parish Council's Comment:  Not at the moment.  We have looked at the cost and how the service could be managed,  but we feel it is too difficult to manage collecting the payment  for copies and maintaining the device.  We will continue to look at the question.