Parish Councillors


These are the Councillors currently representing all residents of Terling and Fairstead - Updated 2 March 2017

Sheila Alder The Old Stores, Fuller Street 01245 363649 Finance Committee;
Health and Welfare Committee;
Personnel Committee
Abbe Bonham 1 The Estate Yard, Terling 01245 233053 Planning and Highway Committees;
School Representative
Pauline Bird 17 Hull Lane, Terling 01245 233452 Complaints Committee;
Estate Liaison;
Environmental and Footpaths Committee;
Vice Chair of the Council;
Village Hall Representative
Annemarie Blackshaw Tithe Cottage, Ranks Green, Fairstead 01245 361054 Environmental and Footpaths Committee
Robin Dixon Woodlands, The Street, Terling 01245 233342 Planning and Highways Committee;
Finance Committee;
Personnel Committee
Alex Dyke Scarletts, Terling, CM3 2QZ 01245 233481 Planning and Highways Committee;
Recreation Field Committee;
IT & Publicity Committee
Anne Fitzgerald Takliwa, Waltham Road, Terling 01245 233615 Environmental and Footpaths Committee; Recreation Field Committee
Sarah Fruchard 3 The Estate Yard, Terling 01245 2330009 Health and Welfare Committee;
Church Liaison
Sarah McNamara Copse Rise, The Street, Terling 01245 233540 Finance Committee;
Complaints Committee;
Chair of The Council;
IT & Publicity Committee;
Personnel Committee
Ian Smith Barn Cottage, Gambles Green, Terling 01245 233213 Finance Committee


Frankie Killby 16 Vicarage Avenue, White Notley, CM8 1SA 01376 584640 Parish Clerk

Parish Council Advisers:
Tree Warden:  Angus MacWillson
Health and Safety: Trevor Lewis
IT: Colin Cutler