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1911 Census Records for Terling, Fairstead and Fuller Street

Many thanks to Mervyn Bright for painstakingly transcribing the 1911 Census Records for Terling, Fairstead and Fuller Street.  There are six files available to view and print:

Fairstead - Listed by Name | Fairstead - Listed by Address | Terling - Listed by Name | Terling - Listed by Address

Fuller Street - Listed by Name | Fuller Street - Listed by Address

New:  Local historian, Mervyn Bright, has spend a huge amount of time capturing the Terling Provident Society Limited Minute Book for February 1936 to December 1937 in image form.  Please click here to see the book.

Local historians have written about Terling for some time, two publications being the "Terling Fever of 1867" and "Terling in 1840 (or thereabouts)". More detail can be found on link to http://www.historyhouse.co.uk/essext03a.html 

Most well documented past resident, indeed owner of most of the area, was the 3rd Baron Lord Rayleigh, Nobel Prize Winner for Physics. Details can be found on http://www.britannica.com/nobel/micro/495_84.html

A Terling Story A Jubilee Memento 1977. A history of water supply to the village, click here to see the document.

Photographs from the History Evening held at All Saints' Church in April 2014