Council Meeting Minutes


Members of the public are always welcome to attend meetings, although if there is contractual business for part of the meeting it may be declared to be private while under discussion.

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March 2018:  Minutes  Agenda Appendix I  Appendix II

January 2018: Minutes   Agenda


December 2017:  Minutes  Agenda

October 2017: Minutes  Agenda

September2017: Minutes  Agenda  Appendix I  Appendix I  Appendix II  Appendix II  Appendix II

August 2017:  Minutes  Agenda  Attachment I  Attachment II  Attachment III  Attachment IV

June 2017:  Minutes  Agenda  Attachment I

AGM 2017  Agenda Chairman's Report 2017

May 2017:  Minutes  Agenda  Appendix I

April 2017:  Minutes  Agenda  Attachment 1  Attachment 2  Attachment 3

February 2017:  Minutes  Agenda  Appendix A  Appendix B  Appendix C  Appendix D

January 2017: Minutes  Agenda  Appendix A  Appendix B


December 2016Minutes  Agenda  Appendix A

October 2016:  Minutes  Agenda

September 2016: Minutes  Agenda

August 2016:  Minutes  Agenda  Appendix A

June 2016:  Minutes  Agenda  Appendix A  Appendix B

AGM 2016:  Minutes  Agenda  Appendix A  Appendix B1  Appendix B2  Appendix C  Appendix D

Chairman's Report 2016:  Report

Annual Meeting 2016: Minutes  Agenda

April 2016:  Minutes  Agenda Appendix

February 2016:  Minutes

January 2016:  Minutes


December 2015:  Minutes

October 2015:  Minutes

September 2015:  Minutes

July 2015:  Minutes

June 2015:  Minutes

May 2015:  Minutes

Chairman's Report 2015:  Report

AGM 2015:  Minutes

April 2015:  Minutes

April EGM 2015:  Minutes

March 2015:  Minutes

January 2015:  Minutes